An idea conceived by a team of German and Italian specialists in international music management, RUBIK is the tangible fusion between progressive concepts and cultural collaborations within the global promotions and events community. Our aim is to boost artists’ profiles and enhance international booking potential by accessing a variety of new audiences via digital and interconnected platforms.

We have formed an alternative to live performances that has the ability to reignite the creative and cultural industries by reviewing and rebuilding the conventional structures of artistic engagement which allows operators and performers to continue working in the industry they love.

Rubik’s greatest strength is its network of professional and highly experienced collaborators from across the industry. Our key associates include those working in production, communication and product distribution and together we have created a solid structure that optimises an efficient, productive and economically viable output, and one which also the opportunities that come from a parallel and decentralized activity.

Studio One


We promote musicians through the structured streaming of concerts and promotional videos that are created and directed by a team of professionals and marketed through Rubik’s own YouTube channel, various German-based digital platforms and international publishing partners, providing both artists and operators the opportunity to make a profit.

Rubik offers practical and achievable solutions in these uncertain times, alongside giving performers and operators opportunities to broaden their networks of industry contacts and collaborate with people working in a range of media and artistic genres, who they may not have ordinarily had the possibility to meet. We are currently offering partnerships with TV studios, assistance with optimising use of the most up-to-date streaming technologies and platforms, work with international promoters and management tailored to clients’ needs.

Studio One